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Émission La colère du Peuple du 22 janvier

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1.Like no Tomorrow byThe Poodles
2.When it goes away byLivingston
3.Wake a change byEvergrey
4.Missing in action byMudweiser
5.Heavy Lies the crown byOrange Goblin
6.Bang! byGotthard
7.Cards with the devil byAudrey Horne
8.Sometimes they come back byBull Terrier
9.Revolting Kids bySuperbutt
10.Schlacht byAvatar
11.Nothing in your head byTerror
12.Ghosts will haunt my bones byMachine Head
13.Archetype byFear Factory
14.The leaving byBrainstorm
15.The Kiss of the cobra King byPowerwolf
16.Regarde le Ciel byAbinaya
17.Mon amour, mon ami byTherion
18.Reccurence byIn arkadia
19.Warm beer and broken teeth byBlack Code
20.Sleepless evil byWatain
21.Her ghost in the fog byCradle of filth

La Colere Du Peuple Radio Show 2015-01-22 by Lacoleredupeuple on Mixcloud

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